Exploring Prolific Copper and
Gold Belts of North America


Desert Star recognizes the importance of building long-term, positive relationships with local and regional communities, and embraces the opportunity for respectful and open engagement.

Our objective:

  • Communicate openly, honestly and transparently with communities near which we work
  • Ensure our decision-making process considers the unique cultures, traditions and values of First Nations people
  • Consultation with First Nations to eliminate or mitigate the impact our activities might have on their rights and values for natural resources
  • Ongoing engagement to understand the perspectives and aspirations of First Nations and to contribute meaningfully to their capacity to attain those aspirations
  • Promote cross-cultural understanding and respect through employee training and education
  • Work collaboratively with communities in creating and implementing social and economic development programs
  • Enhance opportunities for community participation in our activities as employees, contractors and suppliers

Please use the contact page to submit any concerns, suggestions or questions you may have.